The Galveston Diet Enhanced Program (Dummy Product)
The Galveston Diet Enhanced Program (Dummy Product)
The Galveston Diet Enhanced Program (Dummy Product)
The Galveston Diet Enhanced Program (Dummy Product)
The Galveston Diet Enhanced Program (Dummy Product)
Over 100,000 program participants
The Enhanced Program
A science-backed, comprehensive approach to whole-body and mind nutrition. Now updated, more in-depth and better than ever! For a limited time get $20 off with our introductory offer.


Discover our comprehensive wellness program, crafted by Dr. Mary Claire Haver and nutrition experts. Prioritize holistic health with anti-inflammatory nutrition, midlife education, and hormone guidance. Cultivate mindfulness and confidence through sustainable habits. Bid farewell to yo-yo dieting and welcome lasting vitality. 

No subscriptions—purchase once for perpetual access to the latest nutrition insights.

Proven Results

We’ve empowered over 100,000 menopausal women to clarify their midlife nutrition and reclaim their health.

Science-Backed Approach

When Dr. Mary Claire Haver began experiencing her own health changes and weight gain during perimenopause, she delved into research to understand what was happening with her body. The Galveston Diet nutrition plan is supported by thousands of hours of research. It utilizes a three-pronged approach including intermittent fasting, anti-inflammatory foods, and a focus on nutritional intake to fuel our bodies.


Lose inches in your waist, sleep better, decrease hot flashes, gain muscle mass, banish brain fog and increase your overall wellbeing!

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How it Works

What's Included

Our Self-Paced Method Fits Into Your Schedule With Ease

Phase 1: Intermittent Fasting
Learn about the benefits of intermittent fasting and implement a system that works best for you. We'll teach you how!
Phase 2: Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Understand which foods help reduce inflammations and incorporate them into your diet to improve overall health.
Phase 3: Fuel Refocus
Focus on fueling your body with specific foods to adjust your macronutrient ratios to enhance fat burning.
Phase 4: Galveston Diet Recipes
Once you’ve learned the habit-changing information you need, start diving into our collection of recipes.
Phase 5: Hormone Intensive
Understand how hormones influence weight and the role nutrition plays.

Get Instant Access to:

Companion Guide
You’ll receive a printable version of the Galveston Diet for students who like to take notes or have a hard copy for reference.
Daily Recharge Journal
This printable 6-week Daily Personal Accountability Journal will help you achieve your goals.
Downloadable Curriculum
Your downloadable/printable workbook will guide you through approximately 30 lessons and contains worksheets specifically designed to help you incorporate the actions of the Galveston Diet and will become one of your most valuable resources.
Hormone Intensive
Learn more about how to find the right hormone balance for fighting inflammation and weight gain.
13 Weeks of Meal Plans
Food is medicine. The Galveston Diet program offers 13 weeks of meal plans, including two weeks of vegetarian options, with printable shopping lists and corresponding recipes. Plus, helpful guides that include dairy alternatives and vegetarian/vegan options.
Educational Videos
Listen as Dr. Haver breaks down complicated topics into easy-to-understand concepts to help you make the changes that will affect your health.
Progress Tracking
Keep track of where you left off with this handy, downloadable/printable tool.

Science-Backed Method That Works

“The first thing I noticed was that for the first time in 20 years I’ve been able to fall asleep and stay asleep without a sleep aid. 

I had my annual physical this week and my cholesterol is down 65 points from last year.”
- Sonya, a program participant

Developed By an OBGYN Who's Been There

When I started experiencing perimenopause, my body changed, and my usual approach of "eat less, work out more" didn't work anymore. I was stuck in a cycle of calorie restriction and ineffective cardio, feeling exhausted and frustrated. I realized that my medical school training wasn't sufficient, so I spent thousands of hours researching hormonal changes in body composition and designed this nutrition program. 

Our program is now more comprehensive than ever, and we are sharing these insights with women experiencing similar challenges.
“This whole concept has changed my way of thinking about food. I’m excited that I have finally found something that is going to help me with my life long weight struggle. I have so much more energy and feel like my mind is more clear on a daily basis.“
Rhonda W.
“After only 14 days, I had lost six stubborn pounds, my bloating was gone and I felt so much better. Now 60 pounds slimmer, with almost no menopause symptoms, my resting heart rate has lowered by 20 beats per minute and I have so much stamina. I feel like a new woman!”
Susan J.
“I have lost countless inches and there have been many non-scale benefits. Dr. Haver, thank you for putting the effort into teaching us the “why”! For me, it made all the difference in the world."
Jayne F.

Designed For Long-Lasting Results

We made this program to help you create lasting changes to your habits. This means you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned for a long time. 

The online program is always being updated with the newest info on nutrition, and you’ll get access to all of it automatically.

Whole Foods First, Supplements for the Gaps